Sunday, February 12, 2012

partner love

Hey friends.
I am so excited to introduce you to two of my great partners!

Meet Aubrey
Cutest family, follower of God, and beautiful soul
I am married. To the most amazing man out there, Andrew. We promised our forever to each other October 1, 2010 and have enjoyed all the choas of our life together so far. I am a Christian. God is beautiful and he is good, always. I have a 6 year old step-son, Drake. He is the biggest blessing and I love him more then words can explain. I am a daddy's girl; we danced to I Loved Her First at my wedding and we both cried a lot; the ugly sobbing though so no pictures will ever be seen. ;) I am addicted to EOS [looks like an egg] chapstick. I have multiple tattoos and am no where near finished getting them. Most have flowers and bible verses. I sang the National Anthem for a basketball game in middle school, once. Was too scared to ever do it again. I used to love school. Now, I hate it. I went for Elementary Education and stopped when I started planning our wedding. Will I go back?? Eventually but probably for Nursing. Baking is my passion. I operate {Little Cakes} for fun. I work as a full-time nanny for a beautiful toddler, Elle. It makes me want my own, soon. I am obsessed with Target. I am there 4...5 times a week. Literally. I am notorious for sending Christmas Cards out the day after Thanksgiving. I get a lot of crap for it but I am just wayyyyy prepared. ;) I suck at math. It's my dream to have a southern accent where I can say "bless your heart" and it would be accepted. Plus I love country music. I "suffer" [that's what people call it but it isn't that extreme] from migraines. I am a chronic organizer. I ran into a wall chasing my brother when I was 5. I now have a sexy Harry Potter-like scar. Elf is my favorite movie. Top 5 words that describe me are: loud, bubbly [my husband says warm], loyal, passionate & a people pleaser. I have a Husky/Samoyed dog, Brutus. He's huge and goofy and I love him SO much.

Meet Rebecca
Great blog, impeccable style, and a stunning personality

Hi I'm Rebecca and I like fashion. I also really like dogs, baking cookies, singing, and my husband, but mostly I just blog about fashion. See Me Rwar is a blog of wearable, daily outfits. I am inspired by high fashion and I live for fashion week, but I like to take that inspiration and turn it into something that is realistic for my lifestyle. I work in the advertising industry (which is why you will rarely find me in 'business casual'). I live in Denver. And I really do bake cookies at least once a week.
Aren't they great? I sure think so.
You NEED to check out their blog right this instant!
Tell them I sent you with love.

Check Out Aubrey's blog: here
Check out Rebecca's blog: here

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