Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sponsor spotlight: Oh My Good*Ness

Hello friends!
I am so very excited to introduce to you this lovely sponsor, Vanessa, from Oh My Good*Ness.
It's almost Valentine's Day. Just for you, I have a sweet treat. If you are a follower of Blank Pages, you will receive 15% off the leopard fabric button earrings in her shop for the month of February!
(they are the super cute things on my ears in this post)
so hurry your buns right up.
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earrings: c/o Oh My Good*Ness shirt: thrifted skirt: thrifted tights: Target shoes: Charlotte Russe
I have known Vanessa for a a while now & she is such an inspiration. I know you will think so also!
Get to know Vanessa:

What make you start Oh My Good*Ness?
I have always LOVED making and creating things, and my friends and family seemed to enjoy my projects. I really wanted a creative outlet where I could do something I love and make a bit of money while I'm at it! I started telling my mom about what I wanted to do, and she encouraged me to go for it! She knew that I wanted to travel once I graduated high school, and that opening an Etsy shop and making extra money would help me on my way!

What do you hope to accomplish with your shop?
 I hope to one day become a full-time Etsy shop owner, where I can make a living from creating and selling my projects. I've got a long way to go, and would love to see my shop go in many different directions! I'd like to learn how to make different types of jewelry, that will appeal to a larger range of people. I'd also love to start selling beautiful vintage finds in my shop as well! I recently bought a beautiful jewelry box that I believe is vintage. I'm trying to find out more about it and see what it would be worth to sell!

What is your favorite item to make?
I love making all of my items, but I would say my favorite would be earrings! They don't take too long, and I love seeing how they can complete an outfit. I can make earrings in whatever pattern, color or texture that I want. I love having that freedom of creativity, all in a little pair of earrings! I'm always looking for awesome and exciting fabrics.

What are five things we should know about you?
1. When my shop first opened, I named it "Very Ness." I thought it was a clever play on words, sounding like 'very nice.' A couple months later I suddenly realized that 'Ness' was in the word 'goodness!' After all those years... haha. And then came 'Oh My Good*Ness!' I like it a lot better.
2. I am going to be doing a YWAM-DTS come this October 2012. i have felt God calling me to missions for quite some time, and I am so ready to go!! I will be training in Newcastle, Australia for the first 3 months, and doing outreach for the next 3 months wherever God leads my team! If you have looked at my shop, you will notice that all of the proceeds from my shop will be helping me pay for my upcoming journey! Every bit helps, folks! I'll take lots of prayer as well! Here is the website of where I am going:
3. I have an amazing boyfriend that I have been dating now for 2 years. He's in college just an hour away and I still miss him tremendously! We can totally relate to Amy and Jared. Long distance seriously stinks! (I guess it's not too far- but still) I will miss him so much when I go to Australia!
4. Playing sports was a huge part of my high school existence! i played basketball and volleyball, with a bit of softball. I really miss those team experiences, as well as the exercise that went with it! I get to go watch my sisters play all the time though, which is a lot of fun. But now I settle for Zumba.
 5. I will begin blogging soon! Blogging about preparing for my upcoming journey, about my journey, and when I come back, blogging about life in general! If you want to follow my YWAM journey, here is my website: As of now, there is nothing there and the blog is under contruction!

I'm sure you've come to love Vanessa as much as I do!
Send some thoughts her way & pick up a pair of these adorable earrings.
Check out her shop: here

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