Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Hi Blank Pages Readers!!
My name is Mary Susan (but I often go my nickname Mae or as my sister calls me "Mae Mae".)

I blog at Two Hoots & a Holler, a lifestyle blog about everything from growing up on a farm with a zebra to being married to a musician to adopting our baby girl.When Amy asked me to write about how I met my husband I got super excited.  While I love telling this story, I've never actually written it down before, so it was fun to pour a cup of coffee, take an hour and put it all on paper (or computer screen ...)... So, without further ado, here's how I met my husband...

In 2003, I was spending a summer at the beach when my friend Bethany told me about a class she would be taking the following semester called "Jesus of Nazareth."  She explained that it was supposed to look at Jesus from a historical perspective, rather than a religious one.  I said, "Really?" scratched my chin for about 2 seconds, and then marched my butt to the nearest internet access and rearranged my entire schedule to accommodate for this class.  It didn't matter to me that it had absolutely nothing to do with my major in Middle School Education,  I just knew I wanted to take it... plus this meant I'd be with Bethany every Tuesday and Thursday night, which was bound to be fun. Unbenownst to us, Sean (my future hubby...a complete stranger at the time) was at home in GA making a similar decision... choosing to take the class as well, even though it had nothing to do with his major either (Music Business.)

Three months later, we were back in TN and Bethany and I went to our first class together. Sean walked in the door and Bethany leaned over and told me she had seen him play music in a cafe on campus and that he was really good.  I brushed it off.  Everybody at MTSU played music, and everybody thought they were good... 90% of the time I wasn't too impressed and I figured this was another one of those times.  After a few weeks, Sean handed everyone a small flyer he had printed about a show he was having at a local bar that weekend.  Bethany immediately leaned over to me and said, "We're going."
"I don't think so." I said.
"No, we're absolutely going."
"I don't want to."  And that was that.  Conversation over.

That Friday night I was in my pajamas (hoodie/sweat pants / slippers) when Bethany called.  "I'm on my way to come get you."
"Huh? What for?"
"Sean's show!"
"Bethany, I'm not going."
"Yes, you are."
"No, I'm not."
"Yes, you are."... (Let's pause, it's not that I didn't want to see Sean, it's just that I wasn't a huge fan of loud bars... and I was under the legal drinking age.  Sitting amongst drunk college kids, enduring the stares of creepy old men that hung out at all the college hangouts, while sipping on my Dr. Pepper just didn't sound like a great Friday night to me.) But regardless, Bethany insisted.  I finally buckled, "Okay, I'll go only if I can go in my pajamas.. I'm already comfortable." Aren't I a super fun friend? Bethany said "whatever" and a few minutes later she pulled up to my apartment and off we went.. Bethany looking super cute and me in my pajamas, a hoodie, and slip-on shoes.  Thank goodness for real friends right?

As soon as we got there I saw that it was everything I had anticipated, the place was packed with really cute girls in super short skirts and high-heels and a handful of obnoxious drunk men.  But before I could even get through the crowd I heard an insanely good voice come out of the speakers and I stopped in my tracks. At the end of the bar, I could see that Sean was singing.  He was already half way through his set and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I pushed my way through the crowd and sat down near the stage.  At one point I darted outside to call my friends and tell them I was witnessing my new favorite artist... At the end of the show I bought 3 CD's, briefly said hello, (in my pajamas) and left.

The rest of the weekend was spent listening to the lyrics, analyzing every line, and singing like a crazy person in my apartment.  The next week at class I tried to play it super cool, and briefly told Sean I had really enjoyed his show and thought his music was awesome.  (He was totally unaware I had already memorized every line of all 3 CD's AND made all my girlfriends AND family listen to it.)

In the meantime, there was another guy in my class who had taken an unwanted interest in me and become quite difficult to deal with. For the sake of keeping this post just short of a novel, I'll say this guy was "unstable." It became clear that it wasn't safe for Bethany and I to walk to our cars alone after class... and so we quickly decided to ask Sean (conveniently the only male we kind of knew in class) to be our nightly escort.  Sean, being a gentlemen, said he'd gladly walk us to our car every night and as my grandmother likes to put it, he's been walking me to my car ever since :)

Basically, to make a long story longer, we became friends during that semester and I was somehow able to transition from stalker-like crazy fan to a normal friend.  Naahhh... who am I kidding... I'm still that same crazy fan ;)  Luckily, I played it cool long enough for him to think I was reasonably sane and 3 months into our friendship he asked if he could take me on a date and a year after that we were married... that was almost 8 years ago.

Crazy how time flies...
Thanks so much to Amy for letting me guest post on her amazing blog and if you're ever interested in reading about us adopting our little girl, embarrassing childhood stories (like the time I cut my finger off in school) or growing up on a farm with a zebra, then shoot on over and say hello! I'd love to hear from you and check out your awesome space!

Much Love,


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