Friday, September 28, 2012

friday favorites

I guess on this Friday I don't have any special place in Sarasota to share with you or something fun I did in the past week, but I just simply wanted to express how grateful I am. There's a lot on this little blog of mine that I don't share. Not because I want to hide it or to be secretive, but I just don't think that every detail of my life should be displayed in cyberspace. There has been a little medical issue going on lately, not that I am going to go into detail (you probably wouldn't want to know anyway) but I tell you this to say that prayers have been answered. There is nothing serious about my problem and even though I didn't think there would be, it still feels like there has been a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I am just feeling grateful that one day, maybe, my grandchildren can look through my old photograph books. See me and my life, how I looked and what I wore. Grateful that today, I get to be blessed with life and people around me that I can count on.

Realizing lately how little I know about life has been eye opening. I don't know what two years from now will hold much less than an hour from now. Walking down the street or a just-the-same-thing-everyday at work will always hold something new that we most likely didn't count on. But isn't that what is great about life? There would be no excitement or adventure if we knew what to expect every minute of everyday. 

So I am living this TGIF, so happy with where I am and where I am going to go. And Saturday? could you come any faster please? I have a day planned to spend with my man that needs to happen asap.


Jenn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

God is so great at answering prayers! Happy to hear everything is okay! You have the cutest blog by the way.

I just started a blog and would love to have you come check it out! Have a happy weekend :)

razia said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i'm glad you're okay! and i completely understand what you mean when you say not everything should be posted on here for everyone to see. i BARELY write about anyone close to me on my blog for that exact reason. i'm sure your grandchildren will LOVE your scrapbook :) great post

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