Tuesday, December 4, 2012

guest post: by the porchlight

There is so much about the holidays and getting everything together that can make you feel like you're dragging an 100 lb weight behind you. Things get behind and deadlines missed but life moves on. My wonderful sponsor, Lesley, had the cutest guest post planned about her trip to Bermuda (lucky girl!) but apparently she was having too much fun in the sun and things didn't get done as she planned. So here she is today, telling you a little about herself and her wonderful time in paradise (if you could hear my talking, you would be able to hear the jealousy in my voice.)


Hey there! I'm Lesley from the blog By the Porchlight. I blog about living creatively - crafty stuff, cooking, good books, good causes and, maybe my favourite topic - adventures. I thought I'd pop over here and tell you about my latest!

So, I'm not typically a "beach" kind of vacationer. But, coming from Newfoundland (that's in Canada...) where the snow is about to hit, this sunny break was very welcome.

I spent the past two weeks in BERMUDA! Woo woo! What a great break from real life! I'm lucky enough to have shacked up with a wonderful man who's got family living in Bermuda, so we went down for a visit. Perks!

Me in my oh-so-sexy scooter helmet... They're all the rage in Bermuda!
Like I said earlier - I normally travel in less traditional ways. I guess I consider resorts the "traditional" way... I've gone to Poland (post about this trip coming later this week) & Thailand with Habitat for Humanity, I've spent a month in Spain working on an archaeology dig, I've backpacked western Europe... I think I'd get bored lazing around beach resorts.

That being said, my vacation must-haves are as follows:
- good books
- good company
- nice weather
- a place to take a stroll

That list of things could really lead me anywhere in the world.
So... good books? Check! I had those on this trip!

I couldn't put either of these books down! I read The Night Circus as a part of the brand new book club I created with Taylor from Goings on in Texas called Literary Junkies. Wanna join?

Good company? Yes.. I definitely had that.

Hubby and I had a great time sampling the food & drinks all over the island!
Nice weather? Duh! It's Bermuda. (Do people still say "duh"?)

November 29th in the Atlantic ocean! My "adventure" in Bermuda. I swear, it was cold!

They are indeed driving on the left side!
And, finally, a nice place to stroll. Yes! Bermuda definitely has that. Although the country is teeny-tiny, there are lots of great sights and places to visit. My favourite is strolling down Front Street.

So, by all accounts, I'd say this was a great vacation! And, yes, I would recommend Bermuda to anyone looking to get away. It's a safe, beautiful, luxurious and friendly destination.

Thanks so much, Amy, for having me guest post on your beautiful blog!


So go give this girl some Christmas love, and tell her how jealous you are that she got to spend some time in paradise while most of you are in snow.

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