Thursday, March 14, 2013

can I have a redo?

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, those days. The ones where you just want to curl up under the warm covers, fall asleep, wake up, and start the day all over again? I am so incredibly blessed about the life I have been given and the people that are in it. But sometimes there are moments that make you want to scream, throw your hands up in the air, and say "is this really happening to me right now?"

Yesterday could have been one of my rewind days. The night before was not a pleasant one between the boyfriend and I (we all have them). In an attempt to make things better, I woke myself up in the wee hours of the morning to bring him breakfast and put everything behind us; mcdonald's for him and starbucks for me, just how we like it. Of course since food fixes everything (oh how simple that would be), discussions were resolved and adult pants were again put back on. Just as I was going to leave, my keys were hiding from me. Turns out they won the ultimate hide and seek by locking themselves in my car.

This game turned out to be no fun anymore and by locking my keys in my car, I blocked my boyfriend from getting out of his house to go to school, his mother then became late for work because she had to take him, and my mother had to leave work and bring me my keys so I could get home, changed, and to work within the hour. If you read that really fast you can just picture the dominoes falling in your head. Also, mind you this all happened before 8:00am.

As my mom handed me my keys, I got in the car and was greeted by a huge spider, I went to work for ten hours, and I still felt as though my eyes weren't open.

Continually throughout the day, I had to tell myself, just keep going. I knew the situation with Jared was better than last night and I have today off. I was also pretty reassured that today could not be any worse than yesterday, and as my coworker gave herself a bloody nose by hitting herself with a clock; I was just thankful that I wasn't her. Silver lining, right?

Any one else have those crawl into a corner and never come out kind of days?

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