Friday, April 26, 2013

friday favorites: mind clearing & winner announced

Sometimes as I blogger, you just stare and stare at your computer like, "I know I have something interesting to say, but my brain won't tell me what it is." So here is what I decided to do: write out everything that is swirling around in my mind right now, and maybe then my brain won't be blocked next time.

>>I am really really tired right now, isn't there some kind of internal caffeine switch I can pull? That would be the best invention of the body yet.

>>Today is Friday, the happiest day of the week. Totally made happier by the fact that instead of a twelve hour shift at work, I only have 7.

>>Gosh darn body parts and functions, can't you get out of my brain? Seriously, I finished all my tests yesterday (with A's I might add, woop woop!). So please, turn the nursing stuff off, just for the weekend.

>>I cannot wait to see Jared tonight

>>My "niece's" 1st birthday party is this weekend and I cannot wait to see that little bug dive into her cake.

>>Shouldn't it be against the law to work on a Sunday for a Mennonite restaurant?

>>Boy do I need to take some outfit pictures. Slacker right here.

>>What am I going to wear tomorrow?

>>I wonder if anyone else really doesn't shave their legs as much as I do. Maybe that should be against the law also.

>>I have home decor design on the brain lately. From bedding to chairs to dining sets, I get drawn in and could spend hours. Thanks Pinterest.

>>I will eat a Fage honey yogurt today. Best new snack find and if you've never eaten it, you must.

>>I am so happy with where my life is right now. Thinking about all the blessings I have is incredible. It's a scary but amazing world we live in.

Okay, brain cleared a little. Sunday will bring me an empty one, only to be filled again with information on Monday. Happy weekend everyone and do some brain clearing yourself!


Winner of the Uncommon Goods Giveaway is Vanessa Wittmer! Congratulations girl (& long time friend)! Shoot me an email at amyjpalmer54(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know you're the winner. Buy something extra cute for me.

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Ha I loved this post, hope you have a great and most importantly, relaxing weekend :)

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