Friday, May 10, 2013

friday favorites: a sunset romance

Last Friday was one of those nights. The ones where you would like to bottle them up forever and just store for whenever you need a happy memory, a bright light on a bad day, or just a little pick me up. Jared and I are busy. Like, really busy only see each other after dark kind of busy. The times we spend together during the daylight, we try to make them count and sometimes that can be a little difficult, cause what doesn't cost an arm and leg nowadays?

This night, we decided to get some good ol' Chipotle and head out to the beach to watch the sunset, romantic, I know. It was pretty breezy and a little cool, so we tucked ourselves away, out of the wind and blowing sand, and ate our dinners. To my surprise, the sun didn't set for quite a while. We ate, talked, listened to music, and just got to spend time with one another. As the sun continued to set, we got up and started playing with the camera, shooting a couple pictures and what not. It just felt like only the two of us on the beach. There must have been fifty people not too far of a distance from us, but I don't even remember them being there.

While music was playing from the phone in his pocket, we danced. Slow danced, twirling, laughing, silly dancing, you name it. Honestly I can't remember the last time we had such a romantic/young love time together (sounds silly, I know). As the sun set, we watched until it fell below the water, out of our eye sight, and as if we weren't ready to leave, we laid back down on the sheet we set up in our hideaway and talked some more until it was too chilly to stand. As we drove back to my house, I realized how happy of a lady I am and how having this man in my life is so important to me. We can dance on the beach to music with people around us and not care one bit, because we have each other.

I live for nights like that.

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