Friday, March 30, 2012

friday favorites

Excuse the photos, all taken from my phone.

Another week in Ft. Myers, and for most of the week, there was not anything too exciting to report, that was until Thursday came around. Since Monday, FGCU had been doing a "celebrate your body week" put on by the prevention and wellness center. This is something I am all for because I think it's really important to embrace who you are. I hadn't heard much about it except for that it was this past week. However, on Thursday, all of these little notes were all around campus. On the bathroom mirrors, down the hallways, and outside as you walk to class. They were perfect and I know a lot of people were blessed by them; sometimes all you need is a little encouragement. My favorite was the "You're so beautiful to me, can't you see -Alfalfa" note. Adorable. Since that made my morning, I was pretty sure there was nothing more exciting that was going to happen. I was wrong. When I got out of my classes, I heard all of this commotion about how some semi-celebrity was on campus. I didn't think much of it until I was grabbing a bite to eat (Chick-fil-a of course), and saw a swarm of chatty and excited girls surrounding this some guy with oversized shades and a sideways snap-back hat. As I stared at him for about twenty seconds, in which if he would have seen me he probably thought his good looks but me in shock, I realized it was CT who was paired with Diem from Battle of the Exes (and all those other mind warping MTV shows that I somehow get addicted to). I walked over and my mind was immediately glazed over like a young girl with Beiber-fever when I saw not only CT, but Johnny, the WINNER who was paired with Camilla in the same show. Not twenty four hours ago had I watched the battle it out in Iceland in the season finale, Johnny winning $150,000 and CT winning $100,000, and now they were standing right in front of me? Awesomeness. Of course I did the crazed fan thing and got my picture with them. Want some facial recognition? I don't mind.
Don't judge, you would too if you would have seen them in person, ten feet away from you. And there you have it, my week was officially made.

Anything cool happen to you this week? Holla at me. (That's what CT would have said)

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Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Here's one girl that's super jealous of you!! Those two are my absolute faves from The Challenges. And Johnny...I may leave my husband for him if the chance comes up ;) Lucky gal!

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