Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guest Post: Kaytee Lauren

Embrace Who You Are

Hello! I'm Kaytee, author of the lifestyle blog Kaytee Lauren. Currently on my blog, I have been blogging a lot on the topic of style and renewing my wardrobe. I am using Hayley Morgan's e-book, The No Brainer Wardrobe, to help me through the process. The basic idea of this project is to free up negative closet space to make room for positive closet space. Negative closet space represents anything in your closet that just hangs there day after day, month after month, and never gets used. It could be something you feel guilty about giving away, something you wish would fit but no longer does, or something you thought you could make work and have never quite been able to. Positive items would be anything that you love, and items that make you feel good about yourself when you put them on. 

Now take this closet concept, and add it to your mind. What thoughts have you been keeping that are negative and holding you back from being the person you want to be? Pin point the thoughts that are keeping you from being happy with yourself. Now replace those thoughts with a positive thought. For example, if you always have thoughts like 'if only I was that person', is that thought really true? If you were that person that you are admiring, who would fill your shoes? Who would fulfill your dreams? Each of us have at least one talent. Some of us may even have the same talent, but there are no two people that will take that talent and do the exact same thing with it. You should constantly renew your mind to new ways you can use your own talent, and let other people with similar talents inspire you. That's just one example. 

I don't think any one person is an expert on the topic of embracing yourself, because we all have thoughts that can hold us back, but knowing that negative thoughts are just that, negative, helps to balance out the negative from the positive. They can come in the form of an insecurity, an image that we don't quite live up to, and even people we admire can cause us to feel inferior at times. Just like the quote 'no matter how tall you are, the tallest person in the room will always sit in front of you', there will always be someone doing something bigger than you, a little differently than you, or little better than you.  Having people you look up to is a good way to keep yourself inspired and moving forward daily, but be sure you aren't forgetting to nourish your own life. Thoughts also play a major role in the way we feel about our body. I am not one of those people that think this body type or that body type is the ideal way to look. I am one of the those people that strongly believes in loving your own body. An important way to love your own body and shape, is to dress your body in your own style. Be inspired by styles on Pinterest and various sites, but add your own personality into them. It's really easy to follow trends, which can be great, but be sure you are mixing the trends into your every day style that really represents who you are. 


She's awesome, right? Today, I am also over at Kaytee's awesome blog sharing...well I guess you will just have to go check it out yourselves. What are some of the ways you embrace yourself by the clothes you wear?


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Anna @ IHOD said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I couldn't agree more with you. Accepting your own body with its flaws and allows the confidence to flood in. And with confidence comes true beauty.
Thanks for the post!

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