Friday, April 13, 2012

friday favorites; insta view

 You know how everyone's instagram posts are labeled "life lately according to my iphone?" Well, sadly, I cannot participate in the iphone part; however, one of the highlights of the week was learning the awesome news that instagram was now available for my little old Android! Since learning the it was available the night we dyed easter eggs, I have been pretty obsessed to say the least. Suddenly, I have been thrust into this new technology; twitter (which you can read my little panick attack about it here) and now instagram! I don't know how much more me or my phone battery can handle! I have wanted the iphone for some time now, partially because of instagram, but now that they have it for android, my constant want for it has deminished a bit. My phone takes great pictures, so I am not complaining.

I got to spend time with my man and eat some pretty good food; my coconut frozen yogurt with strawberries, blackberries, pinapple, and bobas was amazing. Dress up and shopping were also in the itinerary for the week!
I hope your week was as good as mine. And if you have an Andriod and have been longing for instagram, hurry up and download that app baby!

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Check back Monday. Don't miss out! There's something exciting coming your way.

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Cute buttons!! Love it :) I just realized that this thing: .)) is not for Bloglovin. For some reason I thought it was, and made mine link to bloglovin. Haha. Anyways, love the instagrams too! I am jealous- still in the non smart phone era, no fun! Can't wait for Monday!

xx, Vaness.

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