Monday, July 9, 2012

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Photo courtesy of Michelle Roller.
Hi there! My name is Alexandra, and I'm a photographer based out of California. I run a little photography blog where I share my work, as well as my every day inspirations and lots about my little Border Collie, Bonny. I specialize in conceptual and fashion portraiture, and am going out on shoots almost every single day of the week. Today, I'm going to be sharing a few tips on posing! Most of my models are actually just pretty friends [I'm pretty lucky!], who have never had any modeling experience before. I'm sure many of you are in the same situation when taking photos, so here are a few ideas on how to instruct your ladies on adding a little extra umph to their photos!
(c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
Now, I know this seems like a pretty ordinary one, but believe me, it works! Hands on hips, shoulders dropped, chin up [or down, depending on the mood!], and you've got an instant supermodel pose goin' on.
(c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
I've never been a real strong believer in props. I think too much prop-age can take away from the photo focusing on the beauty of the model. But! A little prop use can do wonders. A prop can really help a model become more comfortable around the camera, especially if they're a little nervous starting off. You don't even need anything fancy; I highly suggest heading to a local thrift or goodwill store and just picking up some things you think look neat!
(c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
Need to mix things up? Backs are beautiful. And, like props, they can relieve some of that uncomfortable feeling you get from staring straight at the camera. I love how graceful a slightly arched back looks, especially with some extended arm action. Don't believe me? Try it in the mirror for yourself. You'll feel like a ballerina, and I guarantee you'll love it.
(c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
Lastly, laughter is key. If you've got a model laughing, you've got a stunner photo. A genuine, natural smile is the most beautiful thing you can capture out of a person - it tops any smize or Vogue stare a person can give. I hope these help out! Feel free to stop by my blog and let me know how they worked for you! -AW


Yeah, she's amazing, I know; her photography is simply stunning. I hope you enjoyed these little tips from Alexandra, I know I will be using them more in my outfit posts! Make sure you send some love her way.
p.s. She's got a little surprise coming for you this week, so stay tuned!

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