Wednesday, August 22, 2012

fourteen kids, a teacher, and i need your help

You all know how much I love school right? Well sometimes I do. But I really did love high school, along with the teachers there. One of them in particular, was my high school Biology teacher, Dr. Kipchumba. I loved being challenged academically ever since I was little. And boy, did she challenge me. I like to think it was because she knew I could do it.
Anyways, here's where you come in. She needs your help, whether by donating (whatever you can afford, $2 even) or spreading the word to raise money for her fourteen nieces and nephews to go to school. I can't imagine what it's like not having the funds to attend something that is so crucial.
From Dr. Kipchumba herself:
My name is Alina Kipchumba. I am writing this support letter to plead for help for my fourteen nieces and nephews who live and attend schools in Eldoret, Kenya. Eight of them attend the same elementary (primary) boarding school and the others go to other local day schools. I have supported many needy kids from my village including my own family by paying their tuition for over fifteen years. I am a firm believer that education is a basic human right. Education is the gateway to the mind. It floods the mind with many excellent ideas which eventually can change the world and make it a better place. I know this first hand because I was one needy child from a remote village in Kenya who was helped by others to achieve my dream education. My desire was to achieve a doctoral degree in conservation biology. It was with the help of many generous people and organizations that I realized this dream in 2002. Since then, my desire is to help many kids realize their own educational dreams.

Kenya, like many third world countries has many poor people, most of whom live in remote villages without running water and electricity. These people are very impoverished and often suffer from malnutrition and related illnesses. Last year, Kenya and most of East Africa was hit by famine and many kids went for days without food. Others did not make it. This has been made worse by poor economy and unemployment. My family along with others in Kenya have gone through these hard times. Unemployment is prevalent and because of this, many kids cannot go to school. That is why I chose to sent my nieces and nephews to schools, where they can receive proper nutrition, a good education and a stable environment. I was able to pay school fees for them because I was working full time as a teacher. I will not be able to work full time this coming school year due to circumstances beyond my control. This means I am unable to help these kids with their school fees. That is why I am pleading for your help. I need to raise $10000 for the remainder of this school year (September to December) and the next school year January to December 2013. The school year in Kenya begins in January and ends in December.

Please donate generously and help me bless these children. I would hate to see them lose this awesome opportunity to get an excellent education. I know that you will help and with your help, we will change our world, one child at a time!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donation. You can email me if you need more information at Please feel free to share this need with your friends.
Alina Kipchumba
Visit, link, post, tweet, this website
and help the children receive something that is so important to them!
Thanks to all you amazing people who help with this cause.

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