Thursday, March 28, 2013

to market to market & a few other places too

It was a glorious day last Saturday when Jared and I got to spend the WHOLE day together. You know what is even better? He said I could do whatever I wanted to do. When your man says that to you, you better take advantage of it. So of course I did what any women would do, shop. The day started with a trip to the farmers market, a favorite of ours ( you can see HERE and HERE)...

We made our way to the top of the double-decker coffee amazing amusement bus sort of thing. A doughnut and coffee for me and a breakfast burrito and coke for him, the usual. From here you could see the entire market buzzing with people and their green reusable shopping totes and I left thinking about buying some of their tanzania pearberry coffee. Most exotic sounding coffee award right there.

Let me just tell you right now that you should be jealous of our farmer's market flowers and succulents. I could spend an hour looking at them alone and they also have some of the most unique plants I have never heard of. From spiky to fluffy and gorgeous in between, you'll find it here. Also, these full-sized succulents are $2! My oh my I could buy all of them (and I kind of did).

A couple weeks ago I had about 2.5 seconds to visit the best thrift shop and antique store in the town over from us, Bradenton. So naturally I had to go back to see what I had left behind. Jared and I just fell in love with this old health-o-meter scale and it just had to come home with me. A retro teal golf club was Jared's buy of choice and off we went to the next place.

As we were driving around Bradenton in the late morning, we happened to stumble upon their farmer's market. Consensus: Sarasota wins hands down. However, we did like their main street and found a cute little restaurant bar that had the best flat breads. We indulge on our days out let me tell you. Also, isn't he just the most handsome thing around? Keeper status.

The rest of the day pushed on with a few more stops as I am still on the hunt for the perfect bar cart which included a stop to salvation army and habitat for humanity store and by the time we got home we were wiped. The day ended with a nap and relaxation. Pictured above are a few finds I acquired in the last week. All under $35 and too perfect to stand. I'd say it was a pretty good day and I cannot wait to spend more like this. It might have to include some more manlier outings in the future though. One man can only take so much thrift shopping, you know?

What have you done fun lately in your spare time?


nicole s. said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i love the fonts you used! these photos are so sweet. i need to be better about snapping shots when i go out.

xo nicole

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

How fun! It looks like you got some great stuff :) I know I talked to you about the succulents on IG but you should do a tutorial of how to put them together. I would love that!

Treasure Tromp said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I pretty much hit farmer's markets for the flowers and succulents as well :)

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