Sunday, March 18, 2012

it went black

sunglasses: thrifted necklace: F21 scarf: thrifted shirt: F21 shorts: thrifted belt: F21 bracelets: F21 & thrifted shoes: Target

So in the last post, I told you that there would be a story that would leave you sweating and feeling like you're living in the 1800's. Well, here it is. Lets start when I had just turned my television off around eleven to go to bed. Sounds like the college life right? I had an excuse since I had an eight o'clock class the next morning. I was peacefully starting to fall asleep when I heard this weird noise and realized it was my refridgerator shutting off. Half asleep I propped up in my bed. The next thing I know I start hearing all this screaming and commotion in the hallways. What could possibly be going on? I got out of bed and tried to turn the light on. Nothing happened. The only light in all the building were the emergency generator lights in the hallways. The power had gone out; not just in our building, but the WHOLE campus. Apparently a transformer had blown. How you may ask? I heard many rumors. One involving a deer, another some fireworks. Who really knows. We waited for the next couple hours to see if the electricity would come back on. It didn't. With an almost dead phone and morning quickly approaching, I made myself fall asleep in a room where you could hear a pin drop. When my six o'clock alarm miraculously went off, it was pitch black outside and still no power. There was no way I was going to be able to find my way around to get ready by seven thirty. Since I am a nerd, I hardly ever skip class. I half-heartedly told myself this was a good enough excuse, plus, did campus even have power? I used what was left of my laptop power to charge my almost dead phone and fell back asleep until eight thirty. When I woke up, it was bright outside, but still no power. I got my bum out of bed, got ready, and with heavy eyes went to class. There were rumors that by noon the buildings should have electricity. This was fine with me because I wouldn't return there until two. When I got out of my classes, I could not wait to go back to my room and take a much needed nap; however, I called my roomate and she said not to go back to the dorms because everyone had been EVACUATED. That was not what I was expecting to hear. I felt like we were going through a hurricane or fire or something other than a blown transformer. Campus had power, other dorms had power, and over twelve hours later not only did we not have power but we had been evacuated. I had three dollars to my name and my school books. No car keys, no liscense, no anything. That would get me far in life right? A couple hours later, one by one we were escorted to our room and given five minutes to pack up everything we needed for however long we were going to be out of the buildings. After walking up five flights of stairs with an escort watching me, I packed my little bag full of whatever I could find that I could possibly need and left. We were given a mandatory meeting time of four o'clock to discuss what would happen if the power did not return that night. Our options were to find somewhere to stay or sleep in the gym. I was fully prepared for the hour drive home if it was not going to come back on. Thankfully it came back on right after the meeting around six o'clock. Nineteen hours later I was returned to the real world of charged smart phones, hot showers, and air conditioning. It was pure bliss.


Darianne said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Once where I live, we had a wind storm, that got bad to where the power went out, we had no heat, electricity. Campus was closed for a couple of days. Some people didn't have it for almost a week. They had to buy coolers so their food would spoil. So I know you felt. I'm glad the power came back so quick.

I love your outfit, especially your shoes. I want them!

Aubrey Kinch said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Have you seen that F21 has Chevron printed scarfs now?? I need to go get one-- & these shorts. Love it all!

tiny dancer said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love the outfit - Makes me really crave a pair of fun red shorts for the summer now :) I wish I could unplugg from the modern world somedays. To just do a getaway in a cabin in the forest for a week would be so nice to recharge my brain :P

Thank you so much for visiting my blog <3

Anna @ IHOD said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

No way!!!
That is so crazy! I remember several times in the dorms that someone set of the alarm in the middle of the night but 19 hours is rough!

This is one of my favorite looks yet! The color mix is splendid.
Have a wonderful day ahead!
x, Anna

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