Friday, April 20, 2012

friday favorites; sarasota

Sarasota is known to have old people. Bad drivers, early eaters, etc. However, with most old age in Sarasota comes money, and lots of it. There are many places that you could easily drop two hundred dollars on dinner, six hundred for a pair of shoes. Now, I know my wallet can't afford that, but if you can, could we please trade places for a day? Believe me, I love to shop at your every day stores like Target and Gap, but my all time favorite one stop shopping in Sarasota is Goodwill. Say what? You read correctly. I could go in this store and spend hours looking through anything. I adore thifted items. The worn that they have received and the stories that are behind them are what make them so priceless to me. Seriously though, what is better than one-stop shopping with the lowest price tags around? I told you here that I like to stretch my money as far as I can. This kind of shopping even stretches it to the max. They even have COUPONS. Just when you thought Goodwill couldn't get any cheaper. Every month or so a precious little email is dropped in my inbox for $5 off a $25 dollar purchase, which is a price I could easily spend in one trip.

I have found the best things in this Goodwill that I could never find anywhere else. Everything is so unique and I cannot wait to fill my future house with it one day! See that beauty of a chair in the last picture. Well that's my baby purchase. Despite what it might look like from the pictures, it's massive. Not quite big enough for two people, but the perfect amount of room to sit criss-cross and enjoy a good read. How much did you pay you may ask? $30 whole buckaroos. It was in perfect condition, just a little dirty. So I stuffed it, literally, in my friend's jeep and home with me it went. There it got some deep cleaning and much love. It is just waiting to be put to good use when I have a place of my own.

Wondering what else I have acquired from one of my favorite places?
This hat
This skirt
plus much, much more.

Oh and p.s., did you see that vintage Christian Dior tag up there? Another priceless Sarasota Goodwill find. Too bad it was a size 0.
What are your favorite places to buy your thrifted finds in your hometown?

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Seriously, Goodwill is THE BEST. 17th/Honore one?? We need to go together! I don't find this cute of stuff!!

AMY PALMER said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yeah the 17th/Honore one is the best in town. I have really good luck at Goodwill! We will have to go together sometime!


Perpetue Joanne said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Take me there please :)

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